Small kitchen design

Small Kitchen design or mini kitchens design has long been a way for the minimal size of the kitchen. In small kitchen is no room for error, because space is limited and it should put all the necessary elements of the kitchen. Write a mini kitchen can not every designer, this requires experience and knowledge.

main features of the layout and placement in the small kitchen :
- Refrigerator should be built
- Plate 2
kamforki - Microwave oven built into the upper locker
- Washing small and without additional surface
- Obligatory sequence stove for cooking - the work surface - washing
- Maximum use upper cabinets (they are not restricted in height as limited kitchen area)

Small Kitchen design are often bought in small apartments, which would save space for dining table or a soft corner. Also bought small kitchen in the office, they do not clutter up expensive space and at the same time, small kitchen perform all functions assigned to them.