Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Studio for all

Currently, the art design provides tremendous opportunities for quality housing and changing the atmosphere in your home. Even the most modest small apartments can be changed beyond recognition. Your sense of style, good taste, as well as professional design skills - and here are the results! See kitchen studio photos and other images that visually represent the creation of modern design ideas.

Hall kitchen as a result of creative changes in the apartment

Kitchen studio is interesting to consider from several positions:

Cabinets for wine in the kitchen

The main objective kitchen design is to put everything needed in a given size and thus it is necessary to comply with the style. A very good example of a modern kitchen design was found me in the vast Internet. The first thing that catches the eye is a section for wine storage area under the "island". I like to keep wine in the kitchen , but it is always a problem - where to place it and in this kitchen design this problem is solved. In creating such a kitchen, a Wine can make a little less space, in this example a little overkill.

Kitchens High Cube

Success is an Italian company that specializes in creating high-quality, perfectly crafted kitchen. One of the most interesting collections of kitchens is, High Cube .

Designers put their heart and soul into every kitchen area in each wall and countertop. The result is a luxurious and glamorous fantasy of the product designers. Exterior Kitchens is based on minimalism, smooth texture, glossy and matte finish, clean shapes and blocks of black, white, cream and gray tones.

Modern kitchen Dana

I like design kitchens from Dana , and our designers have already done several projects on the basis of these designs kitchens. This series is called " Vela Quadra ". It features a flexible approach to the selection of layouts and facades.

Kitchens of this style can be implemented in a large spectrum of colors and with different texture facades. These kitchen are very practical and ideal for those who want an unusual, modern kitchen in the style Modern .

Kitchen style Porsche

Do you like aggressive driving and fast cars, or just a lover of contemporary Til then kitchen in the style Porsshe for you. Design Line Kitchens Poggenpohl designed in conjunction with studio Porsche Design . Modern style and unique design distinguishes this concept from other cuisines, created in the Art Nouveau style.

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