MDF kitchens

MDF kitchens have long been market leaders. Most kitchens do it with MDF facades. MDF kitchen are very durable, environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive facade. Kitchen with facades MDF can have a very original and not a standard form, since MDF facades can be very different in form, texture and color. This makes it possible to realize the most is not normal and non-standard design solutions for kitchens.
Kitchens with facades FDM have :
- High humidity

- Resistance to the fungus
- High strength
- Resistance to deformation
- Relatively low cost
There are three major types of fronts for kitchens MDF :
- Film

- Dyed
- Framework
Film facades make the pressing of MDF with PVC film, which makes them reliable and durable. Prior to application of the film can cause unusual image with milling machines.
Painted facades most popular among MDF facade for the kitchen. No cost and aesthetic beauty makes these fronts optimal solution for the kitchen. For painted facades available the widest range of colors.
frame fronts for the kitchen consists of a frame and internal parts. The frame is made from MDF blade and the inner part may include:

- Plastic
- Glass
- Stained glass
No matter what type of facade you choose, MDF kitchen is the best solution to date.