Large kitchen

The large kitchen has one indisputable advantage: space. So try to arrange it as comfortable as possible. Italian cuisine is a lot of ideas and possibilities for the interior of your kitchen. In this article we will try to briefly describe the important aspects of design.

So, kitchen design house account:

· Particular premises;

· Lighting;

· Styles;

· Colors;

· Using typical decorative elements.

In accordance with this and formed the one special, the atmosphere of your kitchen.


Coverage of a large kitchen requires more serious approach. Not always for the big kitchen is enough to light only from the standard top-lighting. So you can order a powerful suction with built-in lamp, buy a few side lights of various colors. Above the working area organize more natural lighting, the comfort zone you can highlight a soft, slightly subdued light. Remember one important rule, kitchen design home wins in any case, if wisely chosen lighting.


The spacious interior allows us to consider such an option for furnishing the room as the kitchen elite. Large Kitchen premium reflects luxury, impeccable quality, elegance and at the same time everyday practicality. You choose the style, and based on a single style concept form the kitchen design houses. You can simulate the kitchen at its discretion, from various types of layouts to choose the most interesting option for you, pick up furniture and appliances. Experiments are welcome.

Color spectrum

Form a color to match your attitude. The large kitchen is not afraid of bright colors that you can always soften the more restrained tones. Color creates a proper mood, and you should feel quite snug and comfortable in this atmosphere. Kitchens elite distinguished by the fact that the facades of furniture are unique colors, as well as memorable elegance of decor. Kitchen Design House requires harmony of colors used in the facade of furniture and finishing the interior, but do not be afraid of bold decisions.