Kitchen studio

Kitchen Studio is a kitchen, combined with the residential zone. At one and two bedroom apartment kitchen studio set for more space. kitchen studio can use almost any layout of the apartment. You can do this drift wall separating the kitchen from the living room or dining room. Kitchen studios look much nicer and more modern than the usual Kitchen . Not sure how to create studio-kitchen, if the separating wall is a bearing.
To separate the kitchen area of the zone meal used :
- setting bar counter

- Different colors of floors and walls
- Installation of decorative wall
- Long pendant lights
- Ornamental plants
- Glass
- Mutual shelves

- Curtains or sliding doors
Unfortunately, there is nothing perfect in this world ...
main disadvantages kitchen studios :
- smell - during the cooking smell from kitchen studios is distributed throughout the apartment, to solve this problem, you can use a good exhaust and fresh air

- Insufficient number light - if kitchen studios is located in the center of the apartment, you need to create multiple sources of additional light, or to invent a system of mirrors.
- Visibility kitchen studios from anywhere in the apartment - kitchen studio should be done with a stronger and more resistant materials and to refuse to open, transparent and cabinets and shelves in the kitchen

To create kitchen studios need to get permission to demolish the wall if the wall bearing, it will have to do a draft of its transfer. Everything is much easier if you bought an apartment on the stage of its construction. In this case we can agree on the layout of the apartment and kitchen studio for a construction company. If you definitely decide to decorate studio apartment kitchen, that you can not stop little trouble along the way.