Kitchen layout

Each kitchen to order begins with design and planning. Good planning can completely compensate for the limited space allocated for Kitchen . Whatever avoid mistakes in planning Kitchen , we recommend you use the services designer .
When planning and designing Kitchen important to consider a rule three bands, as cooking is a three stages:

- storage
- razdelyvanie
- cooking
For each of the stages of food preparation should be fitted part Kitchen . First of all, you need to determine the location of sink, stove and refrigerator. When the defined zoning kitchen , you can begin to position other elements kitchen : shelves, cabinets and cupboards , cabinets and kitchen appliances. Reservation of accommodation and the general plan, begins the most interesting stage of planning - the choice of facades, stained glass, lighting, pens and other kitchen decorations. Correct draft kitchen will resolve many problems on the stage of creating the kitchen, but after installing, kitchen will be a long time to please his mistress and the whole family.

All plan kitchens is divided into 6 types:
- kitchen «L» shape
- kitchen «U» shaped
- kitchen one line

- kitchen two-row
- kitchen «Island»
- kitchen «Peninsula»
Kitchen «L» shaped

This type kitchen is used in small, rectangular rooms. If you have a large room for Kitchen , the distance between work areas will be significant, so the stove and the sink is better positioned as close as possible, providing between them a small working area.
Kitchen «U» shape
Such planning kitchen is located along the 3 walls. For such Kitchen There are certain rules and recommendations:

- rear wall must be greater than 2,5 m
- the distance between the parties should be no more than 2,8 m and not less than 1,2
If the distance is less than 1.2 meters, then kitchen is close, and if more than 1.2, then there is a lot of unnecessary movement.
Kitchen one line
Kitchen in one row are used for small rooms or kitchens built in a small niche. Also, inline Kitchen put in the combined kitchen with dining room, where one row near the kitchen is a large dining table. In this kitchen sink is better to put at the center kitchen , a refrigerator and stove set on the sides Kitchen . Desk must be placed between the sink and stove.

Kitchen two-row
Such Kitchen used if the kitchen is a through room. In such kitchen sink and stove should be on one side and the refrigerator on the other. In this case, you get two zones: one for storage and organization products, and another for cooking.
Kitchen «Island»
Any corner kitchen or «U» shaped kitchen has become "an island" if it has to make a small addition in the center. Optimal size add 1200 ? 1200 mm, but this is not a mandatory standard, there is a huge number of options kitchen "island". In a classical performance at the plate and he imposed a sink but it can be used as a dining table or as a workspace.

Kitchen «Peninsula»
Any corner kitchen becomes "peninsular", if it do angular issue. This issue is used for that would separate kitchen from the reception food. This part Kitchen can be used as:
- table for a meal

- bar
- Fold table
No matter the type Kitchen , most important in choosing the layout it is your desire and preferences. Indeed, any kitchen is primarily for people.