Kitchen interior design

Kitchen has long been one of the main room in each apartment or holiday home. Each member of the family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. The kitchen is not only a place of preparation and consumption of food, and a meeting place and communication for the whole family.
Kitchen interior design should help a person feel in the kitchen cozy and comfortable.
Kitchen interior design should be designed before you begin to Kitchen design and kitchen furniture. The interior must take into account every detail and every detail Kitchen . Kitchen interior design is in several ways.
can distinguish the main components of Interior Design Kitchen :

- color palette Kitchen
- Placement of interior elements
- Artificial and natural lighting
- Design and style of kitchen furniture
color palette kitchen
dominant color Kitchen and kitchen furniture purchased at the beginning of planning a kitchen. Colors that will be further used for interior Kitchen design should be similar to tones and tints to the color, or combined with it.

deployment of elements of a kitchen
Proper placement of furniture in the kitchen is able to enhance comfort, but not correct a lot of inconvenience and will give a feeling of discomfort. In planning a kitchen and in the placement of furniture and kitchen appliances need to be considered:
- Natural and artificial lighting
- Habits of housewives
- Number of family members
- Functionality Kitchen (cooking or heating food only)

- Placement of windows and doors
- Output of ventilation and sanitation
Lighting Kitchen
Oddly, but in most kitchens absolutely no additional lighting the work surface and place remote from the window. Additional coverage will help to conserve the eye of the hostess and decorated interior Kitchen design.
design and style of furniture in the kitchen design
kitchen wall is the main element a kitchen design. She paid the most attention in the interior design kitchen. Kitchen Design begins with the choice of style cuisine and ends with a choice of facades and decorative elements.

Every time planning interior kitchen design is important not to forget that he is done primarily to create a family coziness and comfort of staying in kitchen design.