Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design is the beginning of an interesting process - creation of your kitchen. The quality of design depends on the appearance and convenience Kitchen and kitchen furniture. The design should be fresh and interesting, it must attract attention, rather than repel.
Each of us in the soul of a gourmet and likes to eat much, even those who lose weight and dieters. It's no secret that kitchen is happening culinary magic, and create edible masterpieces. In the kitchen, everything must be rational and convenient, all equipment must be high quality and practical, there should be nothing superfluous.

Most errors in kitchen design is still in the planning stage:
- Do not take into account the opinion of the customer
- Do not bring your concerns to the proper zoning
- Do not take into account the placement of appliances
- Ignore the overall design of the apartment

- Do not take into account the color palette design itself room for the kitchen
- Do kitchen design and kitchen furniture separately
- Kitchen Design Studio to design separate from the dining room or living room
Kitchen Design depends primarily on the size and shape of the kitchen cooking. Small Kitchen can be only three styles:
- Single row

- Double row
- Angular kitchen
design small kitchen to do more complicated, but at the same time interesting. If a kitchen allocated plenty of space, then every furniture designer can create a kitchen design. If space is limited, then there need experience and knowledge. Sometimes even the designer himself was surprised at how such a small area could accommodate as many utensils.
Kitchen Design a medium-sized or large kitchen can be made in any of the styles:
- Single row

- Double row
- Angular kitchen
- «U» shaped
- Kitchen "island»
- Kitchen "Peninsula»
not unimportant element of the design is lighting. Do not correct the lighting can spoil the whole appearance kitchen . Also important to know the type and size of future appliances and incorporate them into the kitchen design

main rule in kitchen design - do not trust the design of kitchen furniture amateurs . After you buy the kitchen than one year.