How to choose kitchen

Kitchen may be convenient, comfortable and beautiful, or just beautiful. To choose the correct and comfortable kitchen , and not just decoration, you need to answer the following questions:
1. How many and how often to eat in the kitchen ? You are cooking on a daily basis or only sometimes? It is important to determine the size and type of the table in the kitchen :
- A large dining table

- Folding table
- Table «book»
- Barney rack and chairs around it
2. How many family members are also being kitchen ? How much you need free space on the kitchen ?

3. What color you want for kitchen ? Colour depends on many factors, but the main lighting is Kitchen and your individual wishes. Kitchen Custom can be done in a soothing, cool colors, you can use a comfortable, warm tones, or vice versa bright and flashy.
4. It is important to determine what will be used kitchen and kitchen furniture :

- Adoption of food
- Laundry things
- Relax after work
- Watching your favorite TV shows
- Listen to music
- Reading books and newspapers

- Creation of culinary delights
- Conversation at a coffee
5. Do I need to change the interior Kitchen or her placement. The amount of space for kitchen you're satisfied? Would you like to increase it? You may want to equip the kitchen in a more spacious room?

6. What kind of appliances you plan to use in your kitchen ? You need to know information about the dimensions of consumer devices that you plan to use in the kitchen .
7. You enough, basic lighting Kitchen or need additional lighting, built-in kitchen furniture ?
8. What size of the work surface you need? If you plan to use to kitchen appliances, made by European standards, the surface height is 85 cm

9. How do you prefer to arrange tables, sink, refrigerator, stove. It is necessary to determine the sequence of placing on kitchen .
10. How much you have stored food in kitchen ? What and how many cabinets to provide for storage of canned products, dry foods, fruits and vegetables.
11. Do you have a pet? What size space for breast-feeding you want?
12. If you decide to order kitchen in the office, without leaving the designer-gager in place, then you do 3 important things:
- Draw a detailed scheme of the room

- Specify the location from which ventilation and electrical outlets
- Indicate the place out water and sewerage
Future kitchen required to solve many problems for the design and the organization of space. We suggest you use our designers are available to a wide range of materials, furniture fittings, accessories and components. With us, your kitchen will be a practical, functional and have a unique design .
We very much hope that these tips will help avoid mistakes and you choose kitchen , will please you and your family for many years.