Caring for kitchen furniture - Part 1

1. If you decide to clean kitchen furniture you should remember not to use abrasive, aggressive detergents and can not use hard instruments for cleaning the kitchen .

2. For cleaning wood and laminate surfaces need to use a soft, slightly damp cloth. Do not use detergents to acid-based.

3. To create a dirt-repellent effect, use products containing organosilicon compounds.

4. What would bring oil or heavy stains in kitchen use the ammonia containing cleaners. You can also use a detergent for washing dishes. Gradually vymakivayte stain, then wipe the surface dry.

5. For cleaning wooden kitchen use special polishes and sprays for wood. But before using, please read the instructions, if there is contraindication for contact with food.

6. Lacquered surface is desirable to protect from direct sunlight. For brushing, use chamois or other soft cloth and cleaning products designed for painted surfaces. It is not advisable to use a wet cloth when caring for lacquered kitchen fronts . Wipe kitchen fronts cleaners containing wax. He will give an anti-static and water-repellent effect, and will remove minor defects and give furniture shine.

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