Caring for kitchen furniture - part 2

The first part of the childcare benefits for kitchen furniture - here

1. To clean inside kitchen mailbox, use a cloth with non-aggressive detergent.

2. To clean the hob and sink use liquid detergents. Do not use powdered detergent and it is desirable not to use metal tools for readings. Do not drop heavy and sharp objects in sink , as this you scratch it. Try not to leave for a long time to wash the stains of wine or fruit juice.

3. To clean aluminum surfaces and profiles, use cleaning solutions on the basis of alcohol. Abrasive cleaning agents may lead to a deterioration of the appearance and the appearance of scratches.

4. If you need to degrease the surface using a means-based alcohol. You can also use detergents designed to clean the windows.

5. To clean the glass recommend the use of standard tools for cleaning windows and in any case not to use abrasive cleaners.

To properly care for kitchen home appliances read instructions and use the recommendations for care and cleaning.