Cabinets for wine in the kitchen

The main objective kitchen design is to put everything needed in a given size and thus it is necessary to comply with the style. A very good example of a modern kitchen design was found me in the vast Internet. The first thing that catches the eye is a section for wine storage area under the "island". I like to keep wine in the kitchen , but it is always a problem - where to place it and in this kitchen design this problem is solved. In creating such a kitchen, a Wine can make a little less space, in this example a little overkill. To the left of the wonderful, double refrigerator small station for the computer and cookbooks. This is a good idea? How often have you waited until something was being prepared on the stove and all this time had to stand in the kitchen? There you can be multitasking - simultaneously and to develop and operate a computer. You can also store all your electronic prescriptions, which sometimes is very useful.

I believe that the presence of the kitchen sink on the island of the kitchen is desirable. Miraculously, after each meal, washing-up is precisely in this part of the kitchen. Therefore, in this design, dishwasher, hidden inside the kitchen, near a sink. This color is suitable for most kitchen styles and designs. me really liked this design option, and I hope that he will like and you .